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ROSSETI is Russia's biggest power grid operator with operations covering 80 regions. The company manages 2.37 million km of power lines, 517,000 substations with a transformer capacity of more than 802 GVA. In 2019, net electricity supply to consumers reached 763 billion kWh. In 2019, net electricity supplies to consumers reached 763 billion kWh, ROSSETI's headcount reached 217.5 thousand people. The company's assets include 35 subsidiaries and affiliates, including 15 interregional distribution grid companies, and a bulk electric grid company.

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RESG 224.11.2020

*Date of assignment or revision of the rating

Rating Actions

AK&M Rating Agency assigns Rosseti "A++" national scale sustainable development rating
AK&M Rating Agency has assigned PJSC Rosseti an "A++" sustainable development rating on the national scale, which is adequate to the company's state of sustainable development, with a stable outlook. The "A++" rating indicates that PJSC Rosseti qualifies as a Russian com