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Agency history

AK&M Rating Agency started as the Rating Center of AK&M Information Agency which released its first Securities Market Participants Rating in 1994. Later, the Agency developed a number of regularly updated rankings.

AK&M Rating Agency has been prioritizing the assignment of classical creditworthiness ratings on the national rating scale to enterprises, banking institutions, and regions. The Agency has developed proprietary creditworthiness estimation techniques for different groups of entities.

AK&M Rating Center was restructured as CJSC AK&M Rating Agency, a subsidiary of CJSC AK&M operating as AK&M Information Agency's legal successor in terms of rating activities. The rating agency developed at a fast pace assigning contact creditworthiness and reliability ratings to banks, companies inside and outside the financial sector, financial instruments, federal subjects (republics, krais and regions of the Russian Federation) and their respective guarantee institutions.

AK&M Rating Agency directly contributed to the development of the Code of professional ethics for Russian rating agencies and has been complying with it since February 2008.

AK&M Rating Agency in the list of rating agencies whose ratings count for measuring the creditworthiness of banks when granting them non-collateral loans. In March 2009, Vnesheconombank recognized AK&M Rating Agency's ratings as a prerequisite for banks to participate in its program of lending to SME businesses.

AK&M Rating Agency was duly accredited by Russia's Ministry of Finance and included in the list of nationally accredited rating agencies.