Press Releases / 21.01.2019

Press Release as of 21.01.2019

Kirov Regional Fund for Support of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (microfinance institution)

AK&M rating Agency confirmed the microfinance organization's rating on the national scale AT the "A" level, the first sublevel, and the forecast is stable.

Rating " A " means that the Kirov regional Fund for support of small and medium-sized businesses (micro-credit company) belongs to the class of microfinance organizations with a high degree of reliability. The risk of late fulfillment of obligations is low, and the probability of debt restructuring or part of it is minimal.The rating was assigned based on the "Methodology for determining the rating of a microfinance organization" ed. dated February 10, 2016.

As factors supporting the rating Agency notes that the conservative approach to collateral for the microloans, the growth efficiency of investment profitability of microfinance activities, a good operational sustainability and operational efficiency, a high rate of capital adequacy and acceptable level of arrears.

The Agency notes with satisfaction the conservative policy pursued by the Fund in the area of loan collateral. The amount of collateral as of 01.10.2018 was 1323.7 million rubles, which exceeds the portfolio of existing microloans by 2.7 times and creates favorable conditions for compensation of possible losses in the event of the implementation of credit risk.

It should be noted that the Fund's activities were characterized by a high degree of use of budgetary funds. As of 01.10.2018, 95.9% of the capitalization was directed to support small and medium-sized businesses, in addition, the indicator of the effectiveness of funds placement had a stable upward trend.

In retrospect, the Fund's microfinance activities have generated positive financial results over the past five years. At the same time, there was a significant positive dynamics in profitability, due to the outpacing growth in revenue. For 9 months of 2018, income from issuing microloans exceeded the corresponding expenses by 22.1 million rubles, which is 17.2% more than the corresponding period of 2017.