Agency News / 13.08.2020

Third social efficiency ranking

AK&M Rating Agency has published the third social efficiency ranking of the major Russian companies based on 2019 results.

The AK&M ranking reflects the results of assessing the social efficiency of major Russian companies and is aimed at identifying and highlighting the best of them, making the most useful contribution to society while producing the lowest impact on the environment and at finding a balance between the impact on the environment and their usefulness to society.

The Agency's ranking is based on the 2019 data provided by companies, including annual reports, sustainable development reports, consolidated financial statements, as well as data directly obtained fr om the companies via questionnaires.

The key feature of the 2020 ranking is a substantial increase in the number of companies disclosing information about their environmental activities and the environmental impact. From just over 30 companies in 2019, their number has almost doubled to-date. Not all of them, unfortunately, are committed to public transparency as regards their key environmental parameters. Companies avoid disclosing certain data they consider to be negative.

The full version of the research study and the calculation methodology are available on AK&M Information Agency's website: