Agency News / 10.04.2014

AK&M Rating Agency launches new website


Today, AK&M Rating Agency has launched its fully revamped website.

As usual, we provide full coverage of our rating actions, but the content placement has been optimized for your convenience. We have enabled users to sort the rating tables and added a full-text search option for press releases and news. The links between pages have been improved.

The rating data are broken down by the type of business. Every entity rated by AK&M Rating Agency has a separate page containing general entity data, current and historical ratings.

We hope you will also like our smarter Rankings and Research section.

Our website development team worked hard to accommodate the needs of users and participants of the rating process. We have enhanced the website layout and made it easier and more convenient to use.

The content is provided in both Russian and English languages.

And, last but not least, the website has got a new better look. The main page features some of the photos made by Moscow photo artist Yuri Degtyarev.